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In a globalized environment where economic reform is of vitalimportance, eBIZ is completely dedicated to transform the mind-set ofthe masses in general, and youth in particular by infusing sense ofeconomic independence and self-reliance. Bestowed with a noblemission of bringing social, educational and economic reforms, eBIZ iscommitted to create awareness among the masses and driving themtowards productivity through Innovation and entrepreneurship.

Inculcating entrepreneur skills among the youth and channelizing youthenergy for confronting the national and international challenges, makingthem realize the national and global needs are some of the primeobjectives on which eBIZ has been constantly focusing upon. Alsounderstanding the existing need of our employment various productshave been identified to be sold at reasonable cost and hence created agreat Business opportunity for the one who want to attain it.

In a nutshell, eBIZ has opened a new vista in the direction of educational and economic empowerment by making them responsible future citizens with a greater sense of responsibility, preparing them to face the formidable national and international challenges and harnessing than potential for achieving the greater goal of economic self-reliance in a sustainable manner.